Students Visit Dodger Stadium As Part of Spring Break Enrichment Programs

In a thrilling extension of their Spring Break Think Together enrichment activities, students from various schools across Baldwin Park Unified School District are being treated to an exclusive tour of Dodger Stadium.


The tour encompasses a range of exciting activities tailored to further the students' understanding of sports history and local Los Angeles culture. From exploring the halls of fame to getting up close and personal with the stadium's iconic dugout and field, every moment was filled with excitement. The excursion, organized to provide an immersive learning experience, is leaving a lasting impact on our students.


Adding to the excitement of the day, a group of students from Kenmore Elementary had the extraordinary opportunity to meet legendary Dodger player Manny Mota, on the tour held on Wednesday, April 3rd. 


The Dodger Stadium tour serves as a testament to BPUSD’s dedication to holistic education, where students are encouraged to explore, learn, and grow in diverse ways. As the week progresses, more students eagerly await their turn to embark on this unforgettable journey.





BPUSD_DodgerTour1: Students pose for a photo on the Dodger's field during part of their exclusive Spring Break Tour.


BPUSD_DodgerTour2: A group of students pose for a photo at the Dodger stadium dugout.


BPUSD_DodgerTour3: A group of Kenmore Elementary students pose for a photo with Dodger icon Manny Mota.


BPUSD_DodgerTour4: Students pose for a photo on the Dodger stadium tour.